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Land first, decolonial approach

a cedar tree from the trunk up, zoomed in

Beneath our feet, the earth tells a story

That story guides our peoples


Located on Coast Salish land

Led by Kwantlen and Denesuline collaborators

We create large-scale art

Embedded into massive infrastructure

Uncovering and connecting the landscape narrative

To tell traditional stories

Evolving into today’s culture

For the people to witness

Artistic excellence, ingenuity


We employ an Indigenous artist team
With robust skills:

Decolonial concept consultants
Hands-on technical designers
Large-scale carvers and painters
Compelling educators and speakers

A team who understands the stories

needing to be told

a mural of Kat Norris with Coast Salish designs and graffiti backdrop

All sectors, in a good way

a building complex shown from the corner with a metal sculpture depicting salmon and moon with inner lighting


We work with community,


and corporate stakeholders


Those interested

in a truly reconciliatory approach

on territories across Turtle Island

also known as Canada

Trust the plan and we'll manage the rest


Our comprehensive approach accompanies you

every step of the path

First contact consultation and concept creation

Project design and blueprint generation

Hands-on technical application

Infrastructure implementation and installation

Public unveiling and education

metal sculpture depicting Kwantlen art affixed to the side of a dam

Who are you?

Brandon Gabriel in a high school gymnasium wearing a green traditional top

If you:

Love Indigenous artistry,

Share our dream of a future

worthy of the next seven generations,

Value authenticity and artistic excellence,

Want to find a new way forward

but maybe don’t know exactly how,

Desire to truly reconcile a complex past

with a vibrant tomorrow

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