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Canoe painted black with white traditional animals, in a room with red backdrop
  • How much advance notice should I give for when I need my project started and completed?
    We pride ourselves on quality, innovation, and careful progress on our work. We will need as much time as possible from the time you contact us, to the time you want your protect completed. Book a consultation to find out what suits your needs. Small projects take as much time, and can be as labor intensive as big projects in this business.
  • What kind of public art does Octopus Spirit Enterprises make?
    We continuously evolve, but generally we make small, medium, large, and monumental public art pieces made from steel, glass, wood, lighting, concrete, and graphic media, that adorn civic plazas, museum spaces, civic infrastructure projects, landscape architecture, public libraries, schools, galleries, homes, websites, corporate communication projects, posters, stickers, shirts, you name it
  • Is Octopus Spirit Enterprises a singular person who makes all the art?
    No, Octopus Spirit Enterprises prides itself on teamwork, and enlists the help of many talented, and skilled groups of people to make the beautiful, visionary, and highly prized works of art. When you call on Octopus Spirit, you are enlisting a team of people who contribute to the betterment of community.
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